Limitless opportunities to learn new things and having the opportunity to connect with interesting people is what makes being a stylist and makeup artist such a unique and powerful position. 

Developing strong relationships with clients has two parts: I believe that you deliver an excellent service while treating the client to a little something extra to make their day. This lagniappe, as a Louisiana girl may say, could be a compliment, a listening ear or just taking a little extra time to get it "just right." 

From formal education to learning by watching other professionals, I never miss an opportunity to pick up a new trick. Completing a degree in Public Relations and Business from Louisiana State University was just the start. Immediately following graduation, I enrolled at the Aveda Institute in Baton Rouge. Taking my studies at Aveda very seriously, I earned several honors, including Highest Retail and Service Sales and was honored with the first ever "DayMaker" award by my peers. 

In 2004, I headed out to the West Coast to continue my education in hair design and make-up. Landing a highly-coveted internship at Kenneth George Salon in Santa Monica, California allowed me to work with some of the most talented stylists from all over the world. The first year flew by and I began working right next to the creative geniuses who had coached me through the intense program. Working at Kenneth George allowed me to further train with Vidal Sassoon Academy, Wella Studios and the Toni & Guy Academy in both Los Angeles and New York City. I had extensive opportunities to work outside the salon on editorial and commercial print, fashion shows, bridal services, special events, film and music videos.  

The exciting year of 2009 gave me the opportunity to make Dallas, Texas my home. My time in Dallas allowed me to work with excellent clients, photographers and event planners. Now my home base is in Richmond, Virginia. I am always available for bookings world wide, contact me for rates and availability. 

If you want to build your own business as a freelance stylist and makeup artist, I can help you do that. Check out my blog dedicated to help keep you inspired and motivated at Money Making Makeup Artist. Make sure to sign up for the email newsletter to get access to the list of basics that every makeup artist needs to start their kit and the list of professional discounts. 

I am passionate about making strong connections with people and furthering my education in all areas of life. I am truly grateful to have a life's work that is also my first love. I would be honored to work with you to make your special event beautiful. Keep up with the current news and updates on my blog.


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10 fun facts about me

  1. I will try anything three times, just to be sure. 
  2. Over the years, I have rocked every possible hair color (and length!) under the sun. Seriously, there isn't one that I haven't tried.
  3. My favorite color is....all of them. See #2.
  4. I have excellent parking kharma but terrible luck when it comes to choosing the best grocery store check out line. 
  5. Expressing myself thru the art of dance is one of my strengths while my song voice could use some work, but fear not, I'm practicing. 
  6. I have a handsome and hilarious little son and an absolutely beautiful and brilliant daughter, if I do say so myself. And I do, they are awesome. 
  7. My first child is a chihuahua named Jasmine. She was once the star of my Twitter/Instagram feed but has been trumped by  my human babies. She loves them anyway. 
  8. Beautiful photography and images are inspiring. I am working on my photography skills in hopes of documenting my beautiful family, our adventures and other things I love.
  9. Physical activity of some sort (running, swimming, walking my dogs, yoga, a fun gym class, something!) is a non-negotiable part of my day. Its keeps my sanity as close to present as possible. I ran my first half marathon in 2015 and it was awesome!
  10. In my next life, or maybe part of this one, I will be a writer, professionally. Documenting our experiences in words and photos is fun. Some people think it's silly, but I like to think I am leaving a paper trail for my babies to get an idea of what life is like in this moment that they may not remember yet.